Finding the Right Safety Training and Environmental Consultants in the Oil and Gas Industry

Environmental concerns, always high in the oil and gas industry, have spiked even higher as the Gulf explosion and oil spill focused a bright spotlight on the dangers inherent in drilling and refining oil and natural gas. Climate change and other environmental concerns further raise the need for safety training & environmental consultants to chime in. Industry experts expect the need for environmental consultants to grow in the future.

Safety training & environmental consultants help ensure that companies comply with all industry regulations from OSHA and the various regulatory agencies. Those companies include not only oil exploration companies, but any company that stores gasoline or petroleum products for use on its premises or transports gasoline, oil or other petroleum products. When choosing safety training & environmental consultants for your company in the oil or gas industry, keep these things in mind.

What Size is Your Company?

The needs of a regional company are different from those of a company that is global in scope. Your company may have to deal with different regulations and different regulatory bodies on the national stage or the international stage if you do trade outside the region. Choose environmental consultants that are experienced in dealing with companies of your size and scope.

What Are Your Specific Needs?

Some safety training and environmental consultants focus on safety standards while others focus on helping companies meet regulatory requirements for training and implementing environmental protection plans. A restoration contractor has different training needs than a manufacturer that stores gasoline and fuel oil on site. Even HAZWOPER standards have different levels of training required depending on the role of an employee. A responsible, reputable firm of safety training and environmental consultants will offer an assessment of your needs to help you decide exactly what type of training and planning your business requires.

Oil and gas safety companies can help ensure that your company complies with all local and federal regulations, and, if you operate on the world stage, with the statutory requirements of other countries in which you do business. Among the services you can expect from a good oil and gas safety company are environmental assessments, regulatory compliance assessments and civil and site compliance assessment.

The best way to ensure that your company stays current on regulatory requirements that affect you is to contract with safety training & environmental consultants to do regular assessments and update your environmental training and safety plans regularly. It makes sense to assess your overall environmental safety training when you engage consultants to do HAZWOPER Refresher training, as required under the law.

Working with a firm that specializes in safety training and environmental issues allows you to focus on conducting business while being secure in the knowledge that your business is following all the proper regulatory requirements. The Gulf disaster demonstrated dramatically the costs of lax regulatory enforcement. Safety training & environmental consultants can help you ensure that your employees are safe and your operations comply with all the necessary precautions and procedures to protect the environment – and your company.

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