Explore Bangladesh and Its Natural Beauty

You certainly would like to know about Bangladesh before you head for Bangladesh. This article will give a brief overview about this country. The nature of Bangladesh is very peaceful, as it not too much hot and too much cold. six season in Bangladesh round the year will give you unique experience of six new feelings. Different season comes with different fruit and vegetables. In summer season, you will get ripe mango, jackfruit and many sweet fruits. Like this season, you can get different taste fruits in different seasons. geography of Bangladesh is very suitable for agriculture. Therefore, farmers cultivate different food and grains in different seasons.

This country got independence after nine months war, even the county struggle for mother language. Since this country struggle for mother language, United Nation declared 21 February as International mother language day. This is the great achievement of this country. Rabindra-nath-Tagore, an international figure and noble prizewinner in literature, wrote national song of Bangladesh. Thus, it can be said that Bangladesh has international reputation for its language and literature. Another attraction of Bangladesh is its longest sea beach. The beach was nominated for new Seven Wonders of the World. Unfortunately, it failed to take place in seven wonders name, but it got wide popularity due to the nomination.

Besides sea beach, Sundarban got nomination for new seven wonders. However, both Cox’s bazaar sea beach and Sundarban are sightseeing places. You certainly will enjoy sundarban travel if you explore its natural beauty and rain forest. Other worth considering places of Bangladesh is its capital city, historical places, monuments and museums. These represent history and culture of the country. There are several museums in this county based to different subject matter. National museum conserves almost all type of objects regarding to Bangladesh culture and history. Thus, if you opt for Bangladesh overview, you should visit National museum of Bangladesh once.

However, if you are interested to know lifestyle of this country you can attend the festivals of Bangladesh. You will be able to discover the daily life and rituals of this country through these festivals. The main festivals of Bangladesh are two Eid days. However, the people of this country love to host and love to attend and participate in different cultural programs. Therefore, different programs and festival happens in this country round the year and these are introducing Bangladesh in different ways. Every year a good number of tourists come to visit this country. They explore natural beauty of the country and its culture.

The country has a good number of educated populations and there have huge number universities and institutions throughout the country. Besides natural beauty, city life of the country is also enjoyable. Many exclusive hotels, shopping malls, food courts and bars are available here. Tourists, those visit Bangladesh once, like its nature, geography, lifestyle, festivals and many more. They yearn to visit the country again. There are many websites are available introducing Bangladesh and if you want to know more about Bangladesh, you can explore the websites and get Bangladesh overview as well.

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