Short love poem

Poems are a way of expressing thoughts, emotions and feelings in a verse form. Poems are of many types and the poems which are used to express love and affection are sometimes called love Poems.

 Short love poems don’t have to be a perfect piece of writing, just to be a good poem but the basic ingredient is that poem should be written in the language of the heart and the person you want to convey your thoughts to should get the message your heart speaks. There a few famous types of love poems that have been followed since long. Some of the famous love verses styles include the Sonnet, The Sestina, The Villanelle and the Ode.

 Love poems must let the mind see the lines in action. Moments of absence and separation, invitations, activities, conversations on life, ardent reflections, or triumphs or loss of a lover are expressed vividly in words with characters in peaks of emotion or drama.

 Many great poets have written short love poems that have amused people since the early ages. They immortalized their love in the form of poetry and have left it for next generations to be amused by it. Some people say love poems are written directly through the heart and there is no better gift than this to your loved ones.

 The poets of old have no issues in composing the best poems for generations, but poets of today find it hard to excel in this literary art form. The reason for this, according to new generation of poets is that short love verses are most prone to cliche. Or this simply means, writers and poets of today may say something already said before! When these new breed of poets write lines for their poems, they may say things already said before even though these are their sentiments and based on their real-life experiences. But though these poems are hard to write and it’s a rough act to follow the poets of yesteryears, it’s still important to underline the fact that poems and poems in general are captivating to read.

 No matter what occasion you want to give it or just plain giving it because you feel so, poems or short love verses will make meaningful gifts or presents. Anyone receiving it will feel overwhelmed and loved. If you are giving poems of love for someone you truly care, he or she will definitely appreciate them.

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