Colorful Colourful reflect Juyan

Strips from outside hunting and the Tianjiao Pennisetum even Amano fire
Muyun empty till rode the autumn plain good Condor

Juyan in the Alashan Ejinaqi up to call the Badain Jaran Desert, cloth Town, 40 km north of the northern margin, for the fate of the ancient Weak to. Whenever the spring, the warm breezes of the Qilian Mountains on the ice and snow, merged into rushing rivers, burst into the Badain Jaran Desert; the Ejina river like a crystal ribbon to extend Ejinaqi the northern end of the ribbon at the end of the Department of two white “Hydrangea – gaxun Noel, Sogo Nur, that is, the historical records of the Weak quicksand Juyan Ze – Juyanhai ルイ・ヴィトン モノグラム クーヴェルテュール・ブロック A4 R20971 レディース 財布. The Juyan landscape since time immemorial is a good place for a blue sea and sky, trees Cong. In the history of the development of the Chinese nation, in particular, plays an important role in the history of Northwest Ethnic Minority Development. Ho water, waters, fertile land, the property of the wealthy and important geographical location, she brought up the ages the people living here, but also become the cradle of the Ejina Tuerhute tribe multiply development.
Verve charm
The today Juyanhai long lost the old charm of grace. The nearly 3,000 square kilometers the West Juyanhai the original surface of the water, since dried up since 1961, has been the white alkali desert and Huangsha coverage, has become one of the birthplace of the flying dust. East Juyan had dried up after the liberation of the six times, to completely dry in 1992. The Juyanhai dry due to a decrease every year by the amount of Ejina river, the consequent Juyanhai oasis atrophy, a sharp deterioration of ecological environment, cause leaders at all levels attach great importance to. In recent years, each spring sandstorms in Beijing and more serious , the joint expedition by the experts, the media dating back to the wind and all the way west to trace the source of the sand of a chase to catch up with the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the westernmost Ejinaqi. Here, it was found the historic Juyanhai dry. A gravel bottom of the lake, the Juyan oasis vast have been desertified large areas of Populus trees died, and everywhere the yellow wind from the Xi dust flying “scene. Was laid bare: the wind blows the the Ejina sand off the Beijing.


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