Qualities Of Web Directories That Webmasters Should Look For

by Chris Channing

Submitting listings to an Internet directory is an action that helps both webmasters and Internet users. Internet users will be better able to find the websites they need, and webmasters will be able to drive more traffic to their works. Before you proceed, first realize there are rules in doing so.

Constant contact between you and a directory owner isn’t necessary, but it’s nice to be able to talk to the owner in case you should ever have a problem with the service. Try emailing or otherwise contacting the website owner and see how long it takes to respond. If it’s more than a few days, you can probably expect future contact to be unreliable at best. Directories with listed phone numbers usually have great contact skills.

Gems can be found where others haven’t looked, but in general some of the best directories you can find are already known about among peers. An Internet directory with a lot of traffic will also, in turn, gain you more traffic as well. You can check a directory’s rank by using third party tools found on the Internet.

The best advice comes from honest reviews. It’s hard to find a good honest review, since some companies will submit false reviews of their own service to increase their profits. Look for a review of a directory that includes both good and bad points to consider. Be wary of affiliate links or self-gain promotion that would distract the author from creating a completely logical review. Best yet, find a friend who has used the directory and see what they think.

Web directories can also be gauged by their listings. A directory that lists any website that has money isn’t the type of directory you may want to associate your business with. As soon as spam websites are added to a directory, the appeal of the directory goes down and your purchased listing will go unnoticed in the future. Also look at recent listings to see how often the directory attracts new website listings.

Being specific is dire when submitting your website to a category in the directory. Your initial reaction may be to submit to a category that is rather general, since there will be more traffic in those categories. This couldn’t be a worse idea, since you are actually going to face more competition and receive less interest from targeted visitors. Instead you should submit your website to a category that is as specific as possible.

Closing Comments

Web directories can be measured in all sorts of ways. Through experience you can weed out the less reliable directories, although it may take some trial and error. If you’re noble enough, you’ll also provide reviews of directories to help others looking for the same quality you are.

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