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N2O or nitrous oxide is a gas used for a variety of different purposes, from medical applications to food propellants because of its safety and non-flammable properties. N2O is widely used in whipped cream dispensers and for cooking sprays, and Cream Right is the top supplier of N2O chargers in well-known brand names manufactured in hygienic plants in Austria and Europe. The use of this versatile gas is pretty vast, but for our intent, we talk about it for our whipped cream dispensers, which are now a popular machine used by many gourmet chefs, restaurants, and hospitality kitchens that serve desserts, coffees, milkshakes, and other foods that need whipped cream to round them off. The dispensers use N2O chargers that are mini canisters that are used to charge the container, and when the handle is pressed will combine this gas with the liquid cream inside to provide fluffy cream that is ready to serve.

Cream Right has a variety of the top selling N2O chargers or canisters that are used with whipped cream dispensers, as well as a choice of different whipped cream dispenser machines in stock. Having whipped cream on tap like this saves a lot of time making it the conventional way, and you also avoid batches that curdle and flop because the whipped cream dispensed is always fluffy and ready to serve. The N2O canisters are manufactured in standard sizes of 2.5 inches long, so they will fit all makes of whipped cream dispensers, and they look similar in shape to the soda’s stream fizzy drink makers which use CO2 gas as a propellant.

N2O is suitable for whipped cream dispensers because of the property it has in reducing bacteria, and it will not oxidize with the fat in the cream to make it rancid like oxygen would do. Some dispensers allow you to discharge one or even two N20 cylinders completely into the container where it will dissolve into the cream under pressure. If you have ever made soda water before, then you can consider this a similar method to how whipped cream dispensers are charged. When the cream is forced through the nozzle, it combines with the N2O gas bubbles which expand and produce the volume and lightness of the cream. A charged whipped cream dispenser can be kept safely refrigerated for up to a fortnight.

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