Apple faces environmental groups have accused the products have been multi-boycott

U.S. technology media TechCrunch contributor – John Melo (John P.Mello) recently has written that, far from being claimed as the performance of the Apple on the green light, Apple has begun to face multi-party pressure, forcing them to take greater responsibility in environmental protection. The following is the article the main content:

From the Apple founder Steve Jobs – MacWorld Conference environmentalists play “Let the computer industry, to save the whales” (get out of the computer Business slogans go save some whales) have passed a long time. But Apple’s recent poor performance of the green, although he was a first class industrial design, but Apple can not be called a green army.

A few weeks ago, Apple announced its withdrawal from the EPEAT (green appliance certification system). EPEAT is a U.S. launch of the multi-dimensional environmental performance standards for electronic products, primarily responsible for the development of the environmental standards of computer products, can help consumers choose to buy environmentally friendly electronic products. Apple part of the product beyond the EPEAT criteria, and products such as smart phones and tablet PCs or simply are not in the rating of EPEAT criteria. Apple, they do not need to join the EPEAT.ガガミラノ Manuale 48MM 限定版 5511.1 時計

Apple exit the EPEAT sparked strong protests from environmental organizations, including the U.S. government, the FBI and university institutions have included resist the use of the list of Apple products. Been treated as such, and forced by pressure from various quarters, Apple has finally admitted that they have committed a serious error.

Bob – (Bob Mansfield), Mansfield, senior vice president of Apple’s hardware engineering, the company’s website published the open letter said: “We recently heard the many loyal Apple fans are disappointed we will remove the products from the EPEAT list. I admit that we committed an error. So, starting today, all of the Apple qualified products will return to the EPEAT list.

Historical performance

Apple in recent years, changes in environmental attitudes, bad attitude over the past few years to green enough to make Apple into disrepute. Specifically, Apple and Greenpeace (Greenpeace’s referred to as belonging to an international NGO, environmental work, is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) in the new millennium, potentially hazardous chemicals on the iPhone leaked The problem of conflict. Greenpeace released the first 10 years of the 21st century “green electronic guide book” (Guide to Greener Electronics.) Report, Apple lags far behind the performance of other technology companies.

However, environmentalists are not only criticized Apple products, and its data infrastructure is also quite opinions. In April 2011, due to Apple’s data center is not environmentally friendly design, Greenpeace Apple as the “least green” technology companies. Greenpeace pointed out in the report of the year, Apple required for data center energy dependence on coal, the proportion is as high as 54.5%. Other dependent on large technology companies are Facebook (53.2%), IBM (51.6%), Hewlett-Packard (49.4 percent) and Twitter (42.5%).

In addition, Apple data center earlier this year once again lower the evaluation, which aggravate the conflict situation of the Apple with Greenpeace.

In fact, Greenpeace is not the only one accused Apple’s environmental organizations, environmental organizations from China also criticized the United States allows its suppliers in Asia to indiscriminate discharge of pollutants, resulting in the improvement of the surrounding residents of the incidence of cancer.ガガミラノ日本

It is reported that Apple has with these environmental organizations on this issue, cooperation, and strive to solve this problem. A supplier of U.S. technology companies in China, in April this year, Apple is located in Beijing, China Public and Environmental Affairs Institute (Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs) conducted a joint inspection, the test results were not disclosed.

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