Steve jobs Vitory over Samsung

If Steve Jobs of Apple was still around today he would be very happy. I’m sure he would feel a sense of pride as his apple brand blazes across the world and mobile industry. He would have won the war that he was fighting so hard to show that his hard work was not to be taken lightly.
The fact that the damages awarded were in the billion range were phenomenal also. A company that can even continue after such fines can tend to boggle the mind. It is really phenomenal that the company was allowed to continue on so long making products before it was fined in a major way.
If Steve Jobs of Apple was still alive he would be elated at the decision of the courts but what about his health. Some speculate that all the fighting for his product caused him to become ill and not to live well, eventually leading to death. I can’t say that because he was fighting so strong for his beliefs that it caused him to become ill. But we do know that Cancer eventually got the best of Steve Jobs.
It’s a shame too really. I think he would have had such great potential to improve design and enhance the future for many years to come. I wish I could have shown him Protandim. Protandim may or may not have helped him but I really don’t see how it couldn’t have. It was patent proven to reduce Oxidative stress in a MAJOR paradigm shifting way. We know that oxidative stress is a major player in the role of cancer.
I wonder if he would have been open to the idea of using Protandim. If Steve Jobs could have tried Protandim I think it could have extended his life and he would have been able to see his legacy live in on the lives of many. A triumph over Samsung and basically the Google Android system.
If Steve Jobs could have extended his longevity by using a proven product to reduce oxidative stress, do you think the two companies would have eventually merged. I mean most of everything else has merged. Myspace was one of the originals that got left in the dust really. Only to become merge able with the conglomerate Facebook.
Even though the stock continues to decline and the leadership questioned, Facebook has become a major player in what we use today. A majority of websites now use their login options as part of a “connect with Facebook” option, to make it “easier”.
Steve Jobs legacy will no doubt cause the true Apple followers to become even deeper in the following. A mac user Apple fan can now have his day to toot his horn.

My wish is that we can stop giving medications to people that have more interest in the company than of the patient. Do we really need to have drugs based on natural medicines, only to be patented and made to have more side effects than the ones that we use them for.
I want people to be educated to have the right decisions to choose health for themselves. WE are shifting how we look at medicine and how we are able to be proactive in our own health.
I look forward to the new generation of inventors that will drive our future forward and advance our understanding.
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If Steve Jobs had the chance, I would have loved to approached him with Protandim. I can only imagine where his creativity would have gone.

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