Tips for tennis court maintenance

Tennis is one of the most beautiful sports and the feeling of playing tennis whenever a person feels like is quite unique. There is no greater joy for a passionate tennis player than to own their tennis court. This is why it is essential to know how to proper execute the tennis court maintenance and also to make the tennis court markings. With a clean and proper court, everyone can engage into a match and have a wonderful experience.

Moreover, a tennis court does require some extra work to ensure that it stays in great shape for many years to come. In order to make this happen, there are a few tips for tennis court maintenance and also tennis court markings that must only be drawn after rigorous measurements. In the first place, it is essential to keep the court clean. Keeping it free from debris and dirt is vital as this can cause premature deterioration of the surfaces. Using the right tools depends on the type of tennis court and there are push brooms and water brooms available that are suitable for sweeping and scrubbing.

Another tip worth considering if you want to ensure that tennis court maintenance is performed correctly, is to follow a schedule that blends perfectly with the court’s surface type. In most cases, a monthly cleaning is recommended. Throughout the cleaning process it is advisable to look out for signs of cracking, debris and possible blistering on the surface. Systematic herbicide can treat any vegetation that may be growing on or close to the surface of the court.

Furthermore, in order to perform proper tennis court maintenance, it is important to acknowledge the fact that water can pose a hazard to the area. After the cleaning process, it is best to make sure that the area has dried thoroughly before embarking on the next tennis match. Irrigation around the edges of the court should be avoided. In case the tennis court is subjected to foot traffic, fencing the court can be considered. This will keep unnecessary feet from the court, not to mention unwelcome visitors.

A proper investment for tennis courts can be a windscreen. These can prove to be invaluable in providing a block from distractions. They are particularly useful as they filter out the debris that blows on the court. If you are looking for reliable tennis court maintenance that will actively facilitate your performance in the game it is vital that you wear the proper footwear at all times. Tennis court markings are seriously impacted by unsuitable footwear and the use of skate-boards, roller-skates, etc. as this can result in unnecessary maintenance costs.
Low temperatures in winter can cause cracks to appear and other extensive damage. It is recommended to get a professional to fill the cracks instead of re-doing the tennis court entirely after a few years. Keeping regular tennis court maintenance will ensure many years of happiness on the tennis court. Anyone for tennis?

It is advisable to seek the services of professionals to carry out tennis court maintenance. Accurate measurements are required before you can embark on the task of tennis court markings.

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