The Complete Gear When Going Surfing: Buy Mens Boardshorts Trunks Online

Surfers may make it look like surfing is as easy as riding a bike, but it’s actually not. Surfing is a high-focus activity, and it’s only appropriate to be one. To surfers, the water and waves could either be your best friend or worst foe. And with such a dangerous sport or hobby, it is only important to always wear complete and proper equipment when going surfing. Buying surfing equipment can be as easy as typing Buy mens boardshorts trunks online, but it might seem confusing as to what are the essential equipment and what the function of each is. In this article, we would be enumerating the different equipment you should have when riding the waves.


Of course, it’s already so obvious. There is a reason why HippyTree Mens Surfboard Shirts have surfboard designs on them. The first gear to prepare when surfing is the surfboard of course. These boards are your “magic carpet” when riding the waves. If you are a beginner, you should want to choose bigger and soft top boards.


Now that you have your board, you should next secure the fins. Fins ensure stability and drive to your board. There are different kinds of fins, depending on your skill level and preference. The most popular types are the single-fin, double-fin, quad, five-fin, and the thruster setups.


The leash is pretty straightforward. It connects the surfboard to the surfer. If ever a big wave swipes you from your board, you won’t need to look around frantically searching for it. With the leash, your board would just be right next to you.

Surf Wax/Traction Pad

Surfers apply surf wax unto their surfboard to help the surfers keep a grip on their boards. Surf wax requires regular application on the board, while there are the traction pads. Traction pads, like their name, are every much like surf wax, but they last years if properly applied.


Wetsuits are made of neoprene and keep the surfers warm in long exposure to the water. Wetsuits come in two types: spring suit and full suit. Choose one depends on the temperature of the water. Wetsuits also have varying thickness levels (2mm, 3/2mm, and 4/3mm).

These are all the essential equipment when you want to go surfing. But there still are some optional equipment for the people that want them.

Optional Equipment

1. The Rash Guard – As the name implies, it protects your skin against irritation. If wetsuits cause skin irritation for you, you can wear this underneath the wetsuit.

2. Surf Earplugs – Earplugs prevent surfers from having exostosis. Exostosis is a condition where a bone surrounding the ear canal thickens when exposed t cold water and cold winds.

3. Surfboard Bag – These bags ensure that your board will be kept in good condition when traveling or when your board is kept in storage.

4. Boots, Gloves, and Hoods – These are for the cold-water surfers. They protect the surfer from the extremely cold temperatures.

5. Boardshorts – If you try to Buy mens boardshorts trunks online, there are a lot of options to choose from. Boardshorts are for the more experienced surfers. They offer both mobility and safety for surfers.

6. Surf Poncho – Surf ponchos is a type of robe that help surfers change clothes easily without the help of towels.

7. Sunscreen – Having an additional level of protection against prolonged exposure to sunlight is always welcome when surfing.

8. Surf Watch – These handy accessories display forecast data about wave height, wave period, wind speed and direction, and tide status.

9. Surf Camera – This accessory is for the more adventurous people out there. If you want to document your surfing experience up close, then you could attach a surf camera to your board.

10. Dry Bag – Once you’ve had your fill of the surfing experience for the day, it’s time to keep your wet HippyTree Mens Surfboard Shirts into the dry bag, and call it a day.

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