What To Consider When Buying Mens Surfboard Shirts

The thrill of surfing doesn’t seem to cease like the high and low tides. Of course, all aspiring surfers would want to have a slice of the water-powered thrilling action. With this constant drive to ride on the next big wave, one would be so compelled to buy surfing apparel right away.

Today with the internet, a simple search about “Mens Surfboard Shirts” or “Mens boardshorts swim trunks for sale near me” would yield a wide array of options to choose from. However, to get the most out of your money, one should need to consider what makes a surfing apparel good and worth a buy.


Boardshorts are a part of the essential gear when going surfing. They help protect you against chaffing when riding the board. Boardshorts are made of durable yet elastic materials in order to enable efficient movement while reducing drag – factors greatly needed when one wants to do cool maneuvers in the water. In addition, boardshorts help with insulation to keep you warm for longer. Ensuring you get the most fun out of your time surfing rather freezing your bum off or surrendering to the heat.

As with all sport apparels, boardshorts are heavily researched pieces of clothing that enable the best performance for the wearer. With this in mind, let’s get to know more about the details of boardshorts to better understand how each part of the short contributes to its overall quality.

Boardshort Essentials

1. Materials – Boardshort materials come in different varieties depending on your needs and wants. Some materials like canvas cotton and nylon are very durable but may make you move funny due to it being uncomfortable. Materials can also vary on the level of stretch it provides. Too loose a short a shirt is made of, then you run a risk of exposing your butt to onlookers during your next swell ride.

2. Seams – Your skin is very vulnerable to chaffing when your boardshort has a bulky seam. When looking for a boardshort to buy, the best ones to pick are generally the ones with lesser protruding seams. Although, the thinner the seam, the higher the price of the short.

3. Fit – This is a very obvious one. Boardshorts should be the best fit for you. Too small and you’ll limit your mobility and reduce comfortability. Too big and it can pleat and show your ass to onlookers. Big shorts can also create more drag.

4. Pockets – Pockets are quite versatile in their placement on boardshorts in different designs. Some pockets are on the side, some are on the back. Pockets can have additional features like a key leash to attack to your board. The design depends on you, just make sure that there is a proper drain hole in your pockets, and that they don’t make unnecessary drag.

5. Fly & Closure Systems – Like the seams, smaller fly systems are much better to lessen obstructions when you lie on your board.

6. Length – Length affects performance. Longer ones help your thighs and knees when changing positions. Ultimately, length just comes to preference. Just choose the balance between the ones you like and for the safety of your thigh.

Now, the next time you try to look up “Mens boardshorts swim trunks for sale near me”, you know what quality features to look for to get the most out of your dollars.

Surfboard Shirts

Fan of surfing but not too eager to face the waves? You can still show how much you love surfing by wearing Mens Surfboard Shirts. These shirts, beautifully designed to keep avid onlookers to professional surfers to express their love and pride for the thrilling water sport.

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