Jetty Mens Surf Board Shorts: A Closer Look Into Boardshorts, Trunks, And Sweaters/Sweatshirts

With language constantly changing every day, colloquial meanings of words tend to be switched between individuals. Word meanings get shifted and shifted and shifted which could sometimes leave to confusion as to what really is the original meaning of the words. In some cases, two similar things, though has different specific functions, get their meanings interchanged. In this article, we have decided to take a closer look into the common confusion between these 4 pieces of clothing – the boardshort and the trunks, and the sweaters, and sweatshirts.

Boardshorts And Trunks

When you tried looking up Jetty Mens surf Board shorts online, chances are some search results would show swim trunks instead. To the trained eye, one could notice the differences right away but for majority of the public, the confusion and misconception of boardshorts and trunks would cause them to mistake the one for the other.

What really sets these two apart? Thought quite similar, they are actually quite different upon a closer look. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Length – Because boardshorts are designed for surfing, they tend to be longer to prevent the surfer’s legs to get caught while catching waves. Swim trunks are more on the shorter end of the length spectrum.

2. Fabric – Boardshorts are made with materials that prevent chaffing and irritation so they are softer than trunk materials that are generally crisper.

3. Mesh Lining – Adding to the boardshort feature of chaffing prevention is the less obscuring mesh lining or no mesh lining inside at all. Trunks have mesh lining because they are designed more for comfort and “keeping everything in place”.

4. Waistband – Boardshorts are more differentiable between trunks when examining the waistband. Boardshorts typically don’t have elastic waistbands, and often have Velcro or drawstring closures like the design seen in Jetty Mens surf Board shorts.

5. Flexibility – Swimming trunks are more flexible than boardshorts. This is because boardshorts are longer than swim trunks. Another reason is that swimming trunks enable the wearer to move freely, adapting to their different swimming styles.

6. Durability – Boardshorts are designed to be durable. They are, after all made to be worn by surfers. Boardshort manufacturers also put more attention to detail in their designs to really optimize the surfer’s performance and reduce water drag.

Sweaters And Sweatshirts

Compared to the contrast between boardshorts and swim trunks, the difference between sweaters and sweatshirts are less technical. To someone who is not familiar with the two, they could use the terms interchangeably.

Try looking up Outerknown Mens sweatshirts online and try to look up some picture of sweaters. Did you notice something different?

Sweaters are generally made to keep the wearer warm, but what sets sweaters apart is the way it is made. Sweaters are either crocheted or knitted, giving them a comfier design. Sweatshirt also keep the user warm, but unlike sweaters, they are meant to absorb sweat. That is why you mainly see athletes and other sporty people wear sweatshirts with designs like Outerknown Mens sweatshirts when they go out to exercise.

That’s all! May this guide help you to better distinguish between which is which in the future.

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