Commode chair and Diagnostic Medical Devices are powered by technology and innovation

Commode Chair

Providing Commode Chairs to elders for a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience

As we become older, our body’s requirements change. One of these requirements is more bathroom help. As you age in place, a toilet chair is a great way to provide additional assistance while retaining some of your freedom.

To meet a range of purposes, regular and toilet chairs are available in a number of sizes and designs. Bath chairs are made to be used in the shower in addition to the above listed locations, unlike regular commode chairs, which are normally used at bedsides or over toilets.

Extra comfort for your loved ones

The Aid Assist Shower and Commode Chair is a fantastic all-around item for elders. A fantastic all-around item for elders is the Aid Assist Shower and Commode Chair. Reinforced in high-stress places and constructed of strong plastic for optimal security and dependability.

Their commode chair is a medical-grade item that makes use of fabric to finish the entire back mesh sling. The distinctive form makes the cushion quick to wash, ergonomic, and low maintenance. Antimicrobial substances also prevent the development of fungus and germs, so you have one less item to remember or be concerned about.

● Ergonomic Bath and Toilet Seat: Thanks to its innovative shape, you may use this toilet chair as a shower chair or a commode beside your bed.

● Portable Bathroom: The transport to and from any bathroom is protected and safe thanks to the quasi-wheels.

● Padded Toilet Seat: This vinyl toilet seat has an uncovered front and is cushioned.

Diagnostic Medical Devices

Diagnostic Medical Devices are powered by technology and innovation

To diagnose a patient, doctors use diagnostic medical supplies and equipment to evaluate and examine numerous elements of the patient’s condition. Once a patient is diagnosed, the doctor may then suggest an appropriate course of action. Emergency departments, inpatient hospital beds, adult and pediatric ambulatory care facilities, and intensive-care units all have diagnostic medical equipment.

Delivering Innovative Diagnostic Medical Devices to the world.

Aid Assist embraces technology and innovation in combination with a customer-centric strategy to supply medically proven diagnostic products with precision and accuracy throughout the whole range of centralized laboratories, hospitals, and residential diagnostics. A next-generation network operator is required to satisfy the requirements of the evolving diagnostics development environment, including over-the-counter diagnostics goods.

Unique features of Aid Assist Diagnostic Medical Devices

● Aid Assist provides products made of high-quality ABS components, metal, and chromium finishing.
● It has a locking spigot that fits into this design nicely and enables easy, personalized swiveling.
● The manometer’s glass is designed to be non-reflective and provides a precise measurement that is simple to see even at a glance.
● The stand itself is of great quality, enables rapid and simple mobility, and offers the option of being securely relocated to one side in challenging circumstances.
● It features a large bulb and wrist basket, a 12-degree inclination, and is made of lightweight yet sturdy materials.
● The item is free of latex and has many patents.
● These materials comprise quasi-titanium, colored plastic retainers, cutting-edge “touch-sensitive” diaphragms, twin heads, auditory responsiveness, and a stainless chest part.
● Having an adjustable diaphragm as well as soft ear tips for pleasure and usability

Aid-Assist is dedicated to providing the best services and products to support senior citizens in maintaining their quality of life. To adapt to the changing demands of our consumers, we are always inventing their range of goods and services.

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Commode chair and Diagnostic Medical Devices including other services are offered by Aid-Assist. The business also provides several services to aid the elderly in maintaining their independence

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