Acclaimed Author and Scholar Judith Kirwan Kelley Releases New Memoir, Since Dorchester

(1888PressRelease) An Intimate Exploration of Growth, Change and Society During Times of Historic Upheaval.

DORCHESTER, Mass. – Following the success of her first book, Dorchester Girl (SDP Publishing, 2021), Dr. Judith Kirwan Kelley continues to invite readers into her vivid past with her newly released memoir Since Dorchester. The acclaimed author and scholar takes readers on a personal journey of growth and change set against the backdrop of societal upheaval.

Kirwan Kelley explains, “I was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1954. This was an era marked by significant societal changes ─ the civil rights movement, the sexual revolution and dynamic political shifts. Through a blend of my personal narrative and sociological exploration, readers will gain unique insights into how these changes reverberated through the lens of my Irish Catholic family living in Massachusetts.”

This second memoir intricately weaves Kirwan Kelley’s personal experiences with an in-depth historical, socio-political and economic analysis that shaped her family’s decisions. When she was just 14, her family left her beloved Dorchester birthplace to join the suburban migration to Boston’s South Shore. This move, often referred to as “white flight,” was only the beginning of numerous upheavals that would define her path to adulthood.

Since Dorchester is far more than a memoir. It is a profound sociological investigation penned by a scholar with a Doctor of Philosophy from Brown University. Kirwan Kelley brings her extensive academic insights into play, grounding her personal narrative with theoretical perspectives from numerous fields.

Since Dorchester delivers compelling stories of Kirwan Kelley’s formative years as a city girl in tumultuous social times. It explores the causes and consequences of frequent relocations, the impact of rapid societal transformation on family structure and the evolution of a woman’s role within this context.

From her first impressions of Weymouth, Massachusetts in 1968 through to reflections on her life and career, Kirwan Kelley’s stories bring the reader into the heart of a changing America. It is a must-read for anyone interested in memoirs, history, sociology, or the transformative power of the human spirit.

Since Dorchester is now available through SDP Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.

About Judith Kirwan Kelley ─ Judith Kirwan Kelley was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1954 and lived there until the family joined in suburban migration, otherwise known as “white flight” in 1968. One of seven children in a typical Irish Catholic family, her relatives include, among others, Boston police officers, laborers and housewives. Kirwan Kelley, a scholar with a Brown University PhD in sociology, considers herself a lifetime creative writer. However, Kirwan Kelley’s most valuable roles are as a socially conscious, married mother of three adult daughters and “Mimi” to her six grandchildren. Storytelling has always been part of her life.

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