Dr. Martine Rothblatt to be First Guest on HYSKY Society Podcast

(1888PressRelease) Dr. Martine Rothblatt, a pioneer in industries from satellite communications to hydrogen-fueled aviation, will be the inaugural guest on HYSKY Society’s podcast, HYSKY Pod. Her appearance promises to offer valuable insights into innovation and technology.

Once in a generation, perhaps even less, comes along a person who truly knows no limits, who profoundly disrupts the status quo, and inspires us to seek solutions from the entire realm of possibilities, which only exists for those who refuse to say ‘I can’t’. For all who dare to dream exponentially and refuse to take NO, and for those who believe superheroic humans truly do exist, and walk among us, HYSKY has a massive treat for you. Next month on HYSKY POD you will meet a larger than life supernovator, Dr. Martine Rothblatt, the dynamic visionary who is one of Forbes’ Magazine greatest business minds of the century [1]. Her extraordinary accomplishments and courageous leadership encompass multiple industries, yet she continues to take us higher still, challenging the idea of death itself as a terminal diagnosis. Who wants to live forever? Look no further. The future is just one mind file away.

It really feels inadequate to summarize the accomplishments of Dr. Martine Rothblatt in terms of human ingenuity. remarkable effort, or focused intention. Of course all of these apply, but there’s just so much more. Words that the common English language offers to describe success and inspiration, even for our greatest heroes, fall short when Dr. Rothblatt is the central theme. Therefore, something more effective, something more accurate to describe her had to be found, like Supernovator. Dr. Rothblatt does not operate within the boundaries of traditional human thought because she thinks in terms of possibility, which is unending, like space. So her mind is galactic, and as you will see, her story is way more than ‘once upon a time’ to ‘happily ever after’. In fact, the concept of ‘ever after’ itself has an entirely new meaning once applied to her revelations of possibility.

In the first of this four part tribute to the perpetual and infinite force that is Dr. Martine Rothblatt, it seems appropriate to start at the beginning, as we understand time linearly, by sharing some highlights of her evolution into purpose, her intent to live according to her values, and her pivotal role in shaping the landscape for the rise of satellite communication. What follows will then be an exploration of her continual reinventions, showing us what it truly means to level up, as she weaves her historical influence through biotechnology, aviation, and even eternal life.

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