Final Warning Promotion Rated Huge Success

(1888PressRelease) Zany new sci fi novel merits 1400 new downloads in first promo ever. 

LOS ANGELES –The first promotion of its zany new science fiction novel was rated a “huge success” by its publisher, Burning Books Press.

Final Warning: Return of the Neanderthals (ISBN # 978-0-9911857-8-8) was released by Burning Books Press on Oct. 31 as 284-page paperback priced at $14.95, and a Kindle e-book at $4.95.

Less than a week later, in a special promotion, on Sunday, December 5, Kindle e-book copies were offered through in a one-day only “priced free” sale. The publisher states that 1,490 copies of the book were downloaded in what the author calls “a real, day-long, rip-snorting downloading frenzy.”

Final Warning rocketed up the charts on the day of the promotion, from a sales ranking of 185,046 on Oct. 31 among the Top 100 Kindles sold that day.

“We are certainly delighted that the public responded so well to our book’s initial promotion,” says the book’s author, David Drum. “The United States is an extremely competitive book marketplace, and we’re happy that our book had a day to stand out and shine.”

In Final Warning: Return of the Neanderthals, a powerful new cell phone signal capable of killing millions of people is rolled out while a lonely female scientist fired by her company battles to expose the truth. Neanderthals, a flying saucer, and a wiccan love triangle are among the zany characters in Drum’s book, where a new technology goes dangerously hog wild.

According to author Rob Errera, upwards of a million books per year are published by large and small commercial book publishers. When self-published books are included, the total jumped to an astounding 4 million books per year in 2023 alone.

As more books are being printed, knowledge is also increasing rapidly. In 1900, according to author David Russell Schilling, human knowledge doubled approximately every 100 years. By 1945, knowledge was doubling every 25 years. IBM predicts that in the near future, with technological advances, knowledge is likely to double every 12 hours.

“The speed at which new technology can be developed today is exhilarating but its shadow side is how quickly that new technology can be rolled out, often with minimal or inadequate testing. What could be as frightening as a new technology that could wipe out all life on earth, backed by a corporate titan determined to wring all the profit out of it as quickly as possible, no matter what the future cost to human life?” the author asks.

“Unfortunately, human wisdom doesn’t seem to be keeping pace with what we call knowledge at all,” Drum observes. “At its heart, Final Warning: Return of the Neanderthals is a cautionary tale against the very real dangers of technological over-reach.”

Website for the book is

Burning Books Press is a small publisher founded in 1984. The press is based in Los Angeles.

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