Celebrating Success, Pioneering Progress: #WICxAccenture B2B Coaching Program

(1888PressRelease) How 22 Women Tech Founders and 51 Accenture Executives Are Fostering industry partnership with #WICxAccenture B2B Coaching Program.

In a landmark event for the tech industry, the #WICxAccenture B2B Coaching Program has successfully concluded, marking a significant milestone in the journey of 22 women tech founders and their collaboration with 51 Accenture executives over a 5 month journey. This innovative program, known for its effective pairing of Women Tech founders with Accenture Executives, has earned widespread recognition for its emphasis on enhancing product-market fit, fostering industry partnerships, and aiding in customer acquisition.

A Fusion of Talent and Expertise

The #WICxAccenture B2B Coaching Program, a pivotal initiative in the tech industry, brought together 22 women tech founders with diverse backgrounds and business ideas, and paired them with 51 experienced executives from Accenture. This unique 5 month setup provided a fertile ground for exchange of ideas, strategies, and insights, tailored to the needs of each tech venture.

Key Program Benefits:
1) Personalized Coaching and Mentorship: The program’s structure allowed for personalized coaching, enabling founders to refine their business strategies and align their offerings with market needs and technological advancements.
2) Strategic Business Insights: Founders benefited from the vast experience of Accenture executives, gaining insights into business development, go-to-market strategies, and industry-specific challenges.
3) Networking and Relationship Building: The program facilitated invaluable networking opportunities, connecting founders with industry leaders, potential clients, and investors, setting the stage for future collaborations and growth.

Impactful Outcomes and Success Stories

As the program concludes, the tangible outcomes are evident. Many participants have successfully launched pilot projects, or expanded their market presence, attributing their success to the insights and guidance received during the program.

Tina William, Founder shared, “The Accenture B2B Coaching program has been a great experience for CyDeploy. First, the intentionality of the WIC and Accenture leadership that went into connecting us with our mentor, Divy Vij, was reflected from day one in meeting with him. Divy’s experience and openness to give informed feedback was invaluable. Further, he moved forward quickly with engaging his team to do a pilot of our technology and provide feedback from that pilot. We received great feedback about the value and ease of use of our solution, and that has provided us even greater confidence in the direction of our tool. We are continuing to work with Divy in identifying further ways to expand beyond the pilot. We are grateful for our experience, and the relationship we’ve been able to establish with Accenture through this program.”

Lisa Ann Edwards, Founder and Empowering Excellence through AI-driven Coaching Solutions for the Modern Workplace shared his thoughts on the program, stating, “Our coach from Accenture has been extraordinary, exceeding our expectations in every way. From day one, Jacques has pinpointed our business needs and facilitated crucial introductions within Accenture and with key partners. His insights into our pitches were invaluable, and his advice significantly enhanced our messaging. One of his most impactful suggestions led us to radically change our approach to cybersecurity, which was pivotal in acquiring a significant enterprise client and successfully navigating cybersecurity challenges in our proof of concept. This strategic pivot, driven by Jacques’ candid and insightful feedback, was a game-changer for us. We look forward to our ongoing discussions and sincerely appreciate this incredible opportunity.”

A Step Towards a More Inclusive Tech Industry
The #WICxAccenture B2B Coaching Program stands as more than a triumph for its individual participants; it symbolizes a significant stride toward enhanced inclusivity and representation within the tech sector, aligning closely with broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives. By prioritizing the empowerment of women tech founders, this initiative actively contributes to cultivating a more dynamic, innovative, and equitable technological ecosystem.

This program’s commitment to social inclusion and diversity directly addresses key social aspects of ESG goals. By ensuring women’s voices and ideas are not only heard but also amplified in the tech industry, we’re fostering a more balanced and fair professional environment.

Moreover, the program’s focus on sustainable and ethical business practices among the participating ventures highlights the ‘Governance’ aspect of ESG. It emphasizes the importance of responsible leadership and transparent, accountable business operations.
Through these efforts, the #WICxAccenture B2B Coaching Program is not just reshaping the landscape of tech entrepreneurship; it’s also setting a benchmark for how tech companies can integrate ESG principles into their business models and corporate culture. In doing so, it paves the way for a future where tech innovation goes hand in hand with social responsibility and sustainable development.

Looking Ahead: Continuing the Legacy
As we celebrate the conclusion of this 2nd successful program, Women In Cloud and Accenture reaffirm their commitment to supporting women in tech. Plans for future iterations of the program and other similar initiatives are underway, promising continued support for female entrepreneurship in the tech sector.

For More Information:
To know more about the program visit the B2B Founder Coaching Program Page
Learn about Women in Cloud’s partnership with Accenture and join the movement to empower women in the tech industry.
Media inquiries and requests for further information can be directed to: Sarah Parsons


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