How to make good links

Link building is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization services. It is not the number of links but quality of it that is the deciding factor in seo services. Link building strategy has undergone sea of changes over the ages. Here are some important link building strategies.

Always use a site map. A good site map is perhaps the best ‘link’. Online visitors always like to get actual position of your operation. Once they know about your position, they may pay an actual visit to your store in future.

Do not use ‘click here’ link. This type of link is dull and obsolete. Create in-content link. In-content links are generally considered more useful and trustworthy. Again in-content link containing some specific key words can directly lead online visitors to the relevant section of target website. Thus it saves the time of unnecessary navigation. In-content link is surrounded by text i.e. information. That gives it greater credibility and relevance. In-content link is the coolest mantra in seo services.

Find out the most important pages of your websites. Make sure that the external links directly connect to those selected pages. Remember people do not like to spend much time in navigation. If they get direct access to relevant pages they will simply be pleased. On the contrary if your external links lead to irrelevant pages of your site then they will be disgusted.

Improvise your external links that are already in existence. Use up to date key words. Up to date keywords those key words which are currently being used most.

Thousands of new websites are making entry every year. Use these websites for your seo service. You should find out those new sites which have some relevancy. Then create external link in those sites.

Enquire about those sites which are used by your competitors. You should not only build your own link in those sites but also you should outnumber them. Clearly a website which has thirty thousands link can easily outsmart a website with mere three thousand links. Again you should remember if online visitors are repeatedly led to your website then they will consider your website important enough to make business. After all attracting potential customers is the goal of search engine optimization.

Always insist your existing customers to write about their experience and post in on internet. You can create a link under their comments. This type of link is highly valuable as potential customers always try to know the experience of existing customers. You can even hire an seo expert to write on behalf of your customers.

Do not waste time in building links which have little or no value. Not all links can give you the chance of making business. You will do fine in selecting the target group. Find out what type of websites are generally visited by this target group. Make sure you have ample links in those sites. For an example say you are a dealer of smart phones. Clearly your target group comprises of youths of upper middle or elite class. Youths of this background take great interest in bikes and gadgets. Clearly you should create links in those websites that deal in bikes or gadgets.

Last but not the least never adopt unfair methods in link building. Always hire white hat seo experts. They will never get you in trouble regarding blacklisting by search engines.

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