Haier compensation update activities guard heater bath safety – Haier, water hea

Recently, the "2005 Chinese family Electricity Environmental Investigation Report, "released in Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Report the facts show that the domestic urban households Water heater Electricity environment breaches, a serious threat to the safety of consumers, causing the China Consumer Association, the Chinese appliance Standards Committee, the Chinese Academy of home appliances, China attaches […]

Flashed generous hidden behind the lower prices of domestic LCD

the price cut may not lower prices may be loss selling more??? Overview Home Appliances Store, in the call price reductions every year, have steadily discount tide. However, this made the end of 2008 LCD TV Reduction is indeed can be called history's "generous." Surprisingly, as always, the price cuts are presented in this unexpected […]

"Appliances to the countryside," a strong impetus to flat

To further enhance Bringing home appliances Policy effect, the state significantly increased the product price ceiling appliances to the countryside. Among these, the more concern is TV Products substantially increase the limit from 3,500 yuan to 7,000 yuan. TV product limit increase, not only rural consumers can choose the size and model richer, and promote […]

Winter appliance industry: the logistics channel thin posted fat

"Domestic Home Appliances Logistics did not do particularly good, only who is the first to explore a more professional model fit. " Hisense Group is responsible for the logistics business, Zhou Guanfeng manager, told reporters that "part of the appliance manufacturer's logistics business independence movement, may not be suitable for other household electrical appliance enterprises. […]

Shadow home appliances to the countryside false financial subsidy fraud exposed

Chen Guozhen start from the age of 19 at the Tai Town, Putian City, Fujian Province, operating home appliances business, 10 years later, his "home appliances Xinjiekou Sell Department of "monthly income has been able to reach 10 million, of which 90% of revenues come from bringing home appliances products. Home appliances to the countryside […]