Japan 30 days there were three recalls Chinese

Japan, "Daily News" reported that 14 Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry announced Home Appliances Manufacture and sale of business "Fuckadac" (Osaka City Western) way of the company imported from China OEM heating stove, place two fire incidents but no injuries. The company has 4603 units related products to be recalled. (Free exchange). This is also […]

Joint training of home appliances giant Capital Group Dance Passion

"Monday is still forecast Changhong can even pull a few daily limit, to the Wednesday before the results turn green on a plate." Watched Changhong from red to green, and investors feel more and more old Xie read quotes, can not even quasi-movements of the. Hsieh made the old appliance trade stock more or less […]

Jedi fight back: State Beauty "Tips unique offerings," Trader Mobile

2005 annual sales 170 000 2006 210 000 2007 260 000, Motorola , Samsung Sony Ericsson's major brand retail outlets in Chongqing account for about 25% market share … … Chongqing States United States Mobile Surge in sales year after year. Recently, two master manipulators GOME phone interview, exclusive to this newspaper disclosed that the […]

States United States: appliances "TM" a double positive

Yesterday, the State Council executive meeting decided that the way financial subsidies to encourage use of home appliances " TM to "Although the specific policies have not yet introduced, but to expand consumer demand for new policies, or to the household appliance market, a double positive. GOME Electrical Appliances Relevant person in charge that the […]

Japanese and Korean home appliance giant, the first decline in profits attacked

Products exported to Europe as the proportion of large, coupled with exchange rate volatility in the market limelight strong Japan and South Korea Home Appliances Today, corporate giants earlier than the Chinese experience in the global financial turmoil. South Korean home appliance giant Samsung E yesterday (October 25) released third quarter results show net profit […]