"TM" policy in the row update trigger boom appliances

Of concern Home Appliances " TM to "Policy was formally implemented in August, following" Bringing home appliances "After the Chinese home appliance industry is facing yet another influx of policy promotion. In the" home appliances to the countryside "," TM "and a series of policies to stimulate consumers to purchase under the continuing high enthusiasm, […]

"Home appliances to the countryside": How to Run a good thing

??? Harbin City Bringing home appliances When follow-up survey conducted Blow on one's face the economic crisis hit, home appliances to the countryside came into being. Home appliances to the countryside, China to boost domestic demand in response to a major economic crisis and to develop farmer-friendly policy. On the one hand, farmers buy appliances […]

Lanzhou: two near the home appliance promotion kicked off World War II

With the New Year, Spring Festival is approaching, Lanzhou City of America, Zhongshan University, Suning Appliance and major shopping malls in the appliance giant area in order to "welcome the New Year's Day" as the theme of the promotion is heating up. This reporter learned that the supermarkets launch promotions seem to have been consciously […]

Sell Cabinet "ride" Beware of cheap electric consumption trap

  For some time there are multiple consumers to reflect some of journalist Cupboard Tying electrical cabinets with low-cost manufacturers to lure consumers taken in the matter. Beijing, Ms. Chao consumers, told reporters recently because of renovation, she purchased a whole cabinet, most well-known brand as a whole cabinet opening bid price per meter in […]

Ministry of Finance continued A "home appliances to the countryside to prom

Recently, the Ministry of Finance to "promote the implementation of proactive fiscal policy and in-depth Appliances to the countryside Work "online interview, the users did not answer the concerns were answered. 1, users of the countryside to buy products, for various reasons could not go to finance the declaration, by the time the invoice has […]