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Muay Thai represents one of the most popular types of mixed martial arts, being firstly established in Thailand. The primary purpose of Muay Thai is to learn a means of self-defense. However, there are many individuals interested in taking Muay Thai classes for general fitness and for cardiovascular exercise, depending on their health and physical needs. If you want to become a good Muay Thai fighter, it is very important to have a fit body. The most effective physical exercises that you could begin with are running and skipping. By performing these exercises, you’ll be able to obtain the right posture and balance for starting the Muay Thai classes. For getting some of the best Muay Thai Melbourne or Kickboxing Melbourne classes, the first option from your list should definitely be Team Nemesis.
As a future Muay Thai fighter, you should know there are four main types of Muay Thai fighting methods. The first one is shadow boxing that is generally practiced in front of a mirror, including both: offensive and defensive moves. The second practice method implies a punching bag. After discussing this aspect with your trainer, you need to carefully choose your punching bag. The third practice is the practice with Thai pads. And finally, the last one is practicing the sparring with a partner in order to get a real life feel of the most important maneuvers of Muay Thai.
Another type of training is kickboxing. This is a very efficient method of training for building strength and endurance. This complex training program utilizes equipment, like: speed bags, heavy bags and other important devices involving the trainee doing a series of tricks and punches. When performing the kickboxing training, it is very important to keep your body well hydrated and to make sure you consume rehydrating drinks in order to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps.
All in all, when it comes to selecting reliable Muay Thai Melbourne or Kickboxing Melbourne classes, it is very important to opt for some of the best trainers. Here, at Team Nemesis, you’ll have access to some of the most qualified and experienced trainers: Denis Kelly and Phillip Lai. On their website, you’ll be able to read useful information regarding the qualifications of these remarkable trainers. Feel free to get in touch with the representatives of Team Nemesis for getting other useful details regarding the Muay Thai Melbourne and Kickboxing Melbourne training classes.

Regardless of your needs and expectations, this personal trainer will be at your disposal to develop a personalized program just for you. Don’t forget to get in touch with the representatives of Team Nemesis for learning other useful details regarding their training programs.
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