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Nokia said ordinary mobile phone sales better than expected: can alleviate loss

Nokia to publish third quarter results report, its sixth consecutive quarterly loss. Nevertheless, the report called ordinary phone sales better than expected, there is a certain degree of its loss mitigation role. The report also pointed out that the company is preparing to release a new generation of smart phones. Leading a new generation of […]

U.S. agents traced prostitutes had traveled to China and

“Prostitutes door” of the United States Secret Service, recently there has been new progress. ABC (ABC) reporter Jake Tapper broke the news in his blog on Oct. 18, the latest survey shows that the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service agents had prostitutes in countries like China. According to Jake Tapper broke the news, […]

I’ll tell you how to make the United States Senate and the House Huawei “Shaikang

Huawei, ZTE event posts a lot, but they are Huawei seen as Apple company appears to be in need universal Huawei and ZTE are doing to facilitate better understanding of digestion basic concepts, and then discuss. Huawei, for example. The communications industry is a long industrial chain, and themselves with the technology and market changes, […]

Japan shame to lose big time: Europe lap found untouchables

Month Japan “Share island”, frequent moves, military diplomacy and positive publicity in the international community have the so-called sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, on the 15th, the Japanese Foreign Minister Genba Koichiro departed for Europe, the campaign for “grab Island, however France was snubbed after his trip to the United Kingdom seem to have not […]

Tom Hanks film shooting next month to play Disney founder

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks made ​​two trips to the Disney family museum in San Francisco, “to collect material for the new film” Saving Mr. Banks. It is learned that the film focused on the classic Disney musical “Mary Poppins” behind the scenes production concentrated portrayed start the creative ideas filmmaker Walt Disney film adaptation of […]