Paintball Barrels: What You Should Know

The paintball barrels are used for aiming purpose while playing the game. As we have different kinds of paintballs, the barrel of the paintball should also be available in all those forms so as to make sure that the ball exactly suits the barrels size. For this there are some specifications to be followed in order to make the barrel more effective in playing.

Apart from the bore diameter, the barrels are also available in different styles and different lengths, to make it fit for different marker. Usual paintball barrels just slid and screwed in the marker. So the threading should match exactly. Some type of threads are autococker, angel, shocker, spyder, A-5, etc.

The paintball barrels are classified in to three configurations. They are one piece, two piece and three piece paintball barrels. This barrels system has a provision to exchange between the barrels so that it will be useful while playing. Usually two or three piece barrels are used.

Next factor is the length of the barrel to be used in the paintball game. The length of the paintball barrel can vary from 3 to 31 inches. Whereas if you want your shoot sound to be more silent, they the length should be more. For this case the length can go up to 48 inches.

In order to make your shooting accurate and also to make your paintball barrel easy to carry with you, the length of the barrel should be around 14 to 16 inches. Some holes are provided in the paintball barrel so make the extra gas to flow out and the holes should be placed after 8 inches of the paintball barrel.

Finally the most important specification of the paintball barrel is the bore diameter of the barrel inside which your paintball is located. If the diameter does not match correctly, then there will be inaccurate shooting and also a change in the velocity of the paint ball.

After you’ve wrapped your head around the basics behind the barrel in paintball, picking the right barrel for your style of play is the next step. Find the right best paintball barrels to keep with your paintball gear.

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