Is Paintball More Awesome Than Playing Video Games?

Paintball is my favorite sport by a landslide. Nothing compares with it, and I could come up with hundreds of reasons why I love playing it. This article will give you a couple of reasons why I would rather play paintball than play video games.

This extreme sport is an extreme rush to play. Take the edge-of-your-seat feeling of a good action movie, subtract the violence, the explosions, the movie stars, and everything else besides the edge-of-your-seat feeling and that’s how I feel when I’m playing a paintball game.

It’s better than a movie, because instead of getting the feeling from watching, you get to participate and feel the real life adrenaline pump through your veins as you duck, run, crawl, shoot, get dirty, and have a grand old time.

The realism many people strive for in movies, and video games will never replace experiencing an exciting activity like paintball in real life. You can continue to get the best surround sound systems, the highest definition TV, and try to make a video game or movie as realistic as possible, but watching a movie or playing a video game for me will never be as thrilling as playing a paintball game, in real life.

There’s no violence in paintball, it isn’t like the movies or video games where blood, guts, and killing are common. It offers a real life competitive experience that is better than playing a video game.

If you want to simulate war, paintball has scenario games where hundreds to thousands of paintball players get together and pretend like they are in war, except in this simulated war, no one dies.

While I do like to watch movies and play video games, the real life thrill and excitement I experience in paintball is much more appealing to me than sitting in a chair watching a movie, or exercising my thumbs playing a video game.

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