Disadvantages of SMS

SMS messaging has some extra security vulnerabilities due to its store-and-forward feature, and the problem of fake SMS that can be conducted via the Internet. When a user is roaming, SMS content passes through different networks, perhaps including the Internet, and is exposed to various vulnerabilities and attacks.SMS is used for Machine to Machine communication. There is an LED display machine controlled by SMS, and some vehicle tracking companies use SMS for their data transport or telemetry needs. SMS usage for these purposes is slowly being superseded by GPRS services due to their lower overall cost. The most serious of threats is SMS Spoofing. SMS Spoofing occurs when a fraudster manipulates address information in order to impersonate a user that has roamed onto a foreign network and is submitting messages to the home network. Frequently, these messages are addressed to destinations outside the home network – with the home SMSC essentially being “hijacked” to send messages into other networks. Reliability and versatility can be compromised when using SMS, and text messages are far from the most economical way to communicate.SMS text messaging does not support sending media, including videos, pictures, melodies or animations. An alternative application, such as an EMS or Enhanced Messaging Service must be used to counter this issue. EMS is much less widely supported on wireless devices than SMS; therefore, even if you use SMS combined with an EMS, the person on the other end might not be able to read the media being sent.

Children are communicating to their peers most often using text messages and lose quality time interacting with their parents. Sadly, their interaction, communication, and even relationship are endangered. Some users also became addicted to Short Messaging System.SMS language is useful in text messaging, as it shortens messages’ character count, therefore saving time and expense. Using the SMS language outside of text messaging, in speech and emails, can give the recipient a negative impression of the messenger. When a word from the SMS language is used in an inappropriate situation, such as a business email, it can seem unprofessional or simply be misinterpreted as a spelling error. For example, the SMS word “ppl” stands for “people” and could easily be confused as a spelling mistake by those who are not knowledgeable of SMS abbreviations. Many people within older generations, who do not use text messaging very often, may not understand a message if it contains SMS language, particularly acronyms. If you don’t have the internet on your mobile you can’t access what you need on your bank account. You could get your phone stolen and it will have all of your details on it, so people can gain access to your account as well as your phone. It causes more people to use their mobile phones and can cause radiation.

SMS text messages are designed to be short, so if you’re trying to send anything of importance, or anything lengthy, think again. SMS text messages are limited to 160 characters. Each letter, number, symbol and space used counts as a character; significantly limiting the room you have to type.SMS marketing is unique in that the recipient can occur costs for receiving a message. Cellular networks charge both the sender and the recipient of a text message, while only the outbound caller on a traditional telemarketing call incurs a cost. An SMS message must fit within the standard character limit; in the United States, this character limit is 160–a short length in which to craft an effective message.

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