Private tuition or tutoring centres

Everyone knows that academic qualifications are the foundation to build a successful career and with today’s tough competition of achieving the top grades at school, parents who want to see their child improve in their performance are turning to other ways to provide this. All children have their unique weaknesses and strengths and not all of these are worked on when at school. Hiring a private tutor or enrolling your child into a tutoring centre are the two most common ways to provide your children with this additional help. Before you decide which one to choose, you should consider the pros and cons of both. Learning centres are very effective as they have many experiences tutors there that are willing to help out the students. These teachers would have been interviewed and accepted in ordered to be allowed to teach so you know that they can deliver. Although you have the ability to select your own private tutor depending on their skills, having an abundance of specialist tutors in one place has its benefits if you child is struggling with many areas. One of the drawbacks though is that it can be time consuming commuting back and for to the centre. You can save lots of time and money by hiring an experienced and educated tutor that is willing to travel to your home instead.

Most private tutors are willing to travel to the student’s home as long as the distance is not too far, and it has been agreed between both parties. So, there is no need for the parents or children to spend time and money in traveling from one place to another. The costs and time saved from traveling is one of the advantages of hiring a private tutor over a tutoring centre.It is also known that some students, particularly those that are shy do not ask questions to their teachers in schools in fear of looking silly in front of their teacher, or in front of their friends. Furthermore, some children do not feel comfortable with other students around and they do not like it when a teacher brings out their weakness in front of them. Because of this, shy students with questions do not have the confident to ask them and therefore do not get the correct answer. When these questions do come up on their examination, they do not know how to answer it. A private tutor can provide clarity to these questions in the comfort of the student’s home without the embarrassment that could be caused at school. This is because most private tuition is one on one interaction. Private tutoring tends to be pay per session whereas some learning centres have to pay per term. With learning centres, they tend to have fixed lessons at a fixed time whereas tutors are more flexible, so you can have many lessons in a week or spread them out during the month. Learning centres however provide a structure, schedule and a supply of resources, such as books and mock exams which has its advantages – not all private tutors will have this. Both tutoring centres and hiring a private tutor have their advantages and disadvantages, and as the parent you should consider which one works best for your schedule and your child before selecting.



Private Tutors play a great role in developing your child’s personality and knowledge. You can hire a private tutor or enroll your child into a learning centre; both have their pros and cons.

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