What’s Special About Mens Surfboard Shorts?

When you’re just getting started with surfing and are looking for the essential gear that every surfer needs, you’re sure to come across several recommendations to buy mens surfboard shorts. In fact many surfing enthusiasts will go one step further and recommend that you don’t just buy any pair of surfboard shorts. They will emphasize that you’d be best off if you invested in Billabong mens boardshorts.

For many first-time surfers, this may be a new term and if you own a pair of swim trunks you may wonder why you can’t just wear those for surfing and what’s so special anyway about mens surfboard shorts. Here’s a quick snapshot of what these are and why they are so highly recommended for use when you go surfing.

Design and features of mens surfboard shorts

Surfboard shorts are a specific type of shorts that can double as swimwear and also as casual wear.

First of all, the length of the shorts is very specific. They usually come up to just above the knees.

Then there’s the fit. These shorts are supposed to be loose fitting. Keep that in mind when looking for your right size. You don’t want to buy a pair that fits you snugly. A snug fit can restrict your movements which will hamper you while you’re trying to move, flip and ride the waves. A looser fit will allow you to move freely and have fun on the waves without any restrictions. The most important thing is to ensure that the waist fits well so that they don’t fall off while you’re doing your stunts on the board.

The most important feature of mens surfboard shorts is that they are made from lightweight, quick-drying material. In fact this is what sets these shorts apart from ordinary shorts. When you get out of the water, these shorts will dry in a relatively shorter amount of time which means you won’t have to spend the day lounging on the beach in a pair of soggy shorts.

These shorts are versatile. Besides wearing them while surfing you can also use them for all types of water and beach activities.

What’s special about Billabong mens boardshorts?

Billabong is an Australian company that has earned a reputation worldwide for their high quality watersports clothing and accessories. From a small business launched from the founder’s home, the brand is now available in every corner of the globe.

Billabong mens boardshorts are the first choice of serious surfing enthusiasts. It’s not surprising when you see and feel the quality of these shorts. The high quality fabric is lightweight and quick drying for superior comfort and mobility in and out of the water. The shorts feature a triple stitching technique that gives the seams extra durability so you know that they won’t rip or tear with a few uses. You may pay a bit more for clothing items made by Billabong but you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth in terms of the comfort, feel, style and durability of their clothes.

Whether you’re looking for Billabong mens boardshorts or mens surfboard shorts from another big brand, the best place to start your search is online. Not only will you get a larger variety to choose from but you’ll also find that the prices are highly competitive.

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