Bridal Shower Gift Baskets

Bridal showers are very special gatherings of a bride to be and her friends and family. These take place prior to the wedding and are a time of fun, advice giving and presenting of gifts. However, as much fun as these may be for the “girls,” the gifts that the bride receives can be for both herself and her groom.

Bridal shower gift baskets are quite unique and can include items that the couple can enjoy together. You can buy them pre-made, have them customized, or simply assemble them yourself. Once you’ve purchased the items it’s really not that difficult to put them together in a nice basket that can also be used later for something else.

A reasonably priced bridal shower gift basket is the Coffee for Two gift basket. It contains two mugs, two pairs of slippers, two spoons, their favorite coffee, a tote bag, and a Do Not Disturb sign for the door. These can be used for a long time to come and are affordable at around $35 in the United States.

The Honeymoon Passion Gift Basket includes all sorts of naughty and nice things that the happy couple is sure to love. You’ll find a tote bag, edible body paint, candles, herbal bath salts, passion mints, lip balm, “just married” sticker, warming lotion and massage oil. This basket can be purchased for around $40 in the US.

There are other unique Bridal Shower Gift baskets that you can choose and one that’s quite popular is the Wedding Day Survival Gift Basket. These will have all sorts of things for the bride to use on her wedding to stay calm and relax while getting ready for that big moment.

These typically contain 20 to 30 items that all brides should have handy on their wedding day to fend off those emergencies. You can certainly liven up the party when you present any of these gift baskets to the bride.

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