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There is no such thing as “not enough” and “more more-nests” is absolutely desirable. Decadently embellished pieces having drama and making a major statement will be the showstoppers everyone is looking to own. Also massive metal pieces such as the giant curb link necklace pieces designed by Kenneth J. Lane and others and which are very expensive.

Antique, Vintage, Retro & New Combinations – everyone loves the look of antique, vintage and retro jewelry Links of London and now the latest trend is to thoughtfully mix these with new and creative pieces for a unique one of a kind look. Jewelry Links of London earrings

 designers such as Elizabeth Locke and Roberto Coin are beautifully infusing their new concepts and marrying them to antique and vintage looks and the resulting designs are perfection.

Dramatic, unique and unusual necklaces – unlike in the past when the massive brooches and pins were the key element in one’s personal adornment… it is now the necklace. Links of London Necklaces that fill a neckline such as the popular bib style, or the long multi-chain with or without a pendant such as some of the designs by Chupardy can include rhinestone crosses, circles, skulls and skeleton keys. Also multi media pieces that appear to be one-of-a kind create that ever popular “artist -bohemian” look and each having Links of London matching earrings to complete the statement is what drama and unique is all about.
Ornamented & Bold Bracelets– this trend has been hot for a while since Louis Vinton made a major links of london charms statement with his embellished cuff designs. Also wonderful dyed leather cuffs reminiscent of “surfer chic” with ornamentation are making their appearance. Massive Lucite confetti bangles like the old 50’s – 60’s versions, and metal cuffs with charms, studs and crystals are all bigger than ever.

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