Jiangnan Style “swept the global lead envy ponder

“Southern Style” where? Over the past five years, China has spent a lot of money overseas to promote the image. The national news agency in New York Times Square rented office, and increase the budget of the English reports. Now, nearly 400 Confucius Institutes around the world, all of which is nearly a decade built up.

In other words, the soft power of China attaches great importance to a thing, so when Korean-style dance music video “Funny Jiangnan Style ” swept the world, there has been a mixed with envy, jealousy and thoughtful mood.

China is no shortage of excellent cultural products. Last week, the Chinese writer Mo Yan has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature. However, although a long-term writers concentrate on my writing suddenly have visibility in the world, popular music is difficult to reach the same heights, neighboring South Korea’s recent success highlights this fact.

Recently, China’s state media comments frequently lament the lack of “Southern Style” this explosion of red hot. Xinhua News Agency’s report called on China to study and promote its cultural creativity – as if Korea described “Southern Style” exaggerated swagger lifestyle is representative of traditional Korean culture.

Another story of the Xinhua News Agency also takes a similar view, “Although the number of literary practitioners far more than South Korea, the available resources does not lack, but truly reflects China’s” soft power “cultural carrier is very scarce.” Author believes cottage damage to the Chinese culture and imitation, cottage and imitate the thinking mentality, the gradual disappearance of the awareness and ability of the Chinese cultural product innovation. “

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