A precious ring

The supreme happiness of life is hand with the love to the old man, how happiness one can company with the lover for lifetime. Nevertheless, nine out of ten lives immediately, 

The boy love the girl very much, they are have been together

For nearly five year, the girl also very love the boy, for the boy, the girl’s life is important than himself, he will protect her lifetime.

That day is the girl’s birthday, the boy want to give the girl a surprise and propose to her, would you like to marry me? The boy takes out of the links of London ring send to the girl, he hope she can married to him the girl feel she is the most happiest in the world, the boy wear the links of London ring himself to the girl, for the girl ,the links of London ring is the most value .

 After the dinner, the boy companies the girl to her home, nevertheless, the tragedy happened at that moment, when they come across the road, a car come to them, the boy has pushed out the girl, but himself in the blood, The girl was frightened, she never believe the truth that the boy will never wake up, he couldn’t company with her again,  on the point of death, the boy said your life is important for me, I will use my life to protect you, now I did it, no, you never died, you will come back, look, this ring, the links of London ring , you told me you will married me, you cannot keep you word, You said  you will  accompany me forever. The girl cried sad. Take care of yourself. When you see this links of London ring you’ll remember me. The boy leaves quietly

For the next successive years, the girl still collect that links of London rings, when she take out of the ring, she feel heart . For so many years, she never forget the boy, if he alive, he will become the child’s father, how happy like that. You can rest assured, I will take care of our child, I will put his raised, I will told our child ,he has a great father, when I old, I will send that links of London ring to our child, let he remember you.

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