Pushing one machine into a standard digital television is a matter of time – dig

< BR> Recently, the State Administration of Radio, said Zhang Haitao, deputy director, program this year, a total of 100 cities across the country begin broadcasting digital terrestrial TV To achieve simultaneous high-definition and analog television. Meanwhile, the state finance has been prepared to invest 2.5 billion, plans to use 3-5 years to build a […]

Appliances to the countryside subsidy payment procedures introduced simplified r

newspaper has reported successive " Appliances to the countryside "Some dealers appeared during the unauthorized increase to subsidize the payment process is cumbersome and so on. Yesterday (April 22), the reporter learned from the Ministry of Finance, to promote the consumption of stimulating domestic demand, the Ministry of Finance together with relevant departments to develop […]

HDMI high

HDTV format, with more and more popular around the Internet you can see HDTV high-definition format to download various movies. In Home Appliances Marketplace everywhere you can see all kinds of TV Already supports HDTV formats. But just having HDTV sources for only capable of playing HDTV TV enough Why? What kind of bond between […]

Plasma accounted for less than 5% of the market was gradually swallowed LCD – Pl

< BR> According to some of Shanghai Home Appliances Supermarkets to the latest statistics, 11 color TV sales during the Golden Week occupy more than 40% of total sales, but at the same time, Plasma TV Light is slightly less than 8% of TV sales. Experts believe this, and other electronic television in the experience […]

Home appliances repairer: escape the fate of the next exit is who? – Chunlan Gro

< BR> backed by strong United States United States the Group's passenger car that year, but ambitious, and even a call for " 3 to 5 years into the forefront of the automotive industry ", but 5 years later, America's got into a cut-off dilemma. <BR> Chunlan Group after 11 years in the bullet and […]