Gome appliance manufacturers would use "east" high

2007 11 9, States United States celebrate the third anniversary of the Northeast Region was officially opened End of autumn, the autumn wind and the sudden flurry of low temperature should reduce our impact on the green spring yearning desire of the hot summer. End of autumn, in November, Shenyang States United States "Dianqing Theme […]

The new phone charger standard is in the approval of

Reporter learned from the parties concerned, following our Mobile Charger is included in the standard YD/T1591 IT U standard, the new phone charger standard YD/T1591 (Second Edition) development has been completed, is in the approval process, the fastest is expected to be granted during the year. According to Ter laboratory director, said He Guili, and […]

Chinese home appliance industry is facing the Barrier

With China's accession to WTO, Home Appliances Product tariff rates continue to drop, which for our appliances provided a rare opportunity for the development of China's home appliance manufacturing industry's global competitiveness has gradually improved. At present, China has been a lot of home appliances manufactured the world's first title, such as China Air conditioning […]

Prices of home appliances rose one after another in between 5%

Refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances such as starting price adjustment, price increases of 5%? 15%, being not of the affected TV 1 shopping mall home appliances and consumer Liu regret: early bullish, not eager to buy an AO Smith water heater, the price has changed, a more expensive than the original 500. Large Straight Street […]

"Appliance rental" the rise of the market remains to be nurturing – Ap

Recently, Home Appliances Lease in the domestic debut. Well, that is the way the financial crisis will not be a new choice of consumers? Is not the appliance business to a new channel for clean-up stock it? Currently, home appliances stocks high. To consume these stocks, companies have increased efforts to lower prices, and some […]