Completely out of the U.S. attempt to layout small appliances large appliances

Microwave oven will not sell the business, the U.S. appliance gives notice of 19 clear answer: completely out of small home appliances business. Announcement that the company intends to subsidiary household appliances, Foshan Midea Group Co., Ltd. 85% of the shares transferred to the company's controlling shareholder of America's Group Limited, the two sides was […]

Market big scrape "all" off

Entered in August, Microwave ovens , Rice cooker Ushered in the traditional off-season business, but as a series of stimulating the national household appliances Sell Policies issued, together with Small appliances Not used to quietly change, reporters from several home appliances store in Chongqing City, was informed, including the all-around microwave ovens, electric cooker, represented […]

China's 2008 export growth sharply down home appliances

Customs statistics, in 2008 China exported 41.56 billion U.S. dollars mainly household appliances, up slightly by 5.8% growth over 2007, down 76.6 percentage points substantially. General Administration of Customs on January 19 message, customs statistics, in 2008 China's major home appliance exports (including fans, Air conditioning , Refrigerator , Home electric appliances, video Washer , […]

Appliance Extended Service dangerous, should be promptly discarded the old appli

11 14, Xinghua public DING at home using a 9-year Television Occurrence Spontaneous Combustion , Then the ruins of the houses were burned. Reporter yesterday (November 19, 2007) From the city fire brigade was informed that this year, because appliance extended use of the city's fire, accounting for three percent more than the total number […]

Do not give up the group or appliance in the field will start all over again tri

Triple Trading Company 29, re-auction the shares issued notice to triple again, trading companies paid more attention to the trend. 30, the reporter learned from the triple group, regardless of the outcome of the third auction, triple the Group will not give up Home Appliances Area. Accordingly, industry analysis, this means that triple triple Group […]