Health Guide "health appliance" may only "new concept"

Good health is everyone of us a better life , work and learning, is the primary prerequisite for doing anything. Health needs are optimistic, cheerful attitude towards life, and health also comes from our good habits every day. Xiao Bian family life you have selected a number of health care knowledge, health tips to help […]

Home Projector Guide Installation and Getting Started Tips

Projector As a large screen display technology has already approached the home users, but many users to buy the machine after the installation and use are not aware that if, as in the past TV Machines as easily open, causing premature end of the lamp life. Here, I introduce the home user to install and […]

Optimization 2008, Glanz three business integration for the overall development

< BR> into 2008, China will welcome the world's attention Olympic event, the global business of the eyes are focused on this hot land, as closely linked with the Olympic economy already appliance consumption boom in 2007, gradually rising. Our appliances are well aware, China's home appliance market in 2008 to promote not only an […]

Sharp price cuts U.S. dissatisfied with the country took the opportunity to pin

This is a two-man it? When the States United States without authorization SHARP A 65-inch LCD TV Aggressively cut 50,000 yuan, the parties face a falling out, but the industry is deeply in doubt. Why the same product, Sharp price cuts do not allow the country the United States, and agreed to Suning In the […]

How to cook low

CCID statistics: in 2009, from the world Small appliances Various accounting industry point of view, kitchen and small household electrical appliances accounted for 65.1%, to smoke, stove, Disinfection cabinet Four set the overall composition of the water heater combination kitchen appliances, fitting a new home as early as the project essential and bother. Inevitably bring […]